Living Lab

Living Lab Overview

    1. The Fit esports lab

      USF Esports is proud to announce the opening of the FIT Esports Lab, located on the north side of USF Tampa Campus!

      This interim space will serve the USF gaming community, as well as providing a secondary location for our Club Esports teams to compete in an in-person, physical location.

      Want to get an inside look? Check out our video below!

    1. The USF Esports Living Lab

      USF Esports will soon have a physical presence on the Tampa campus. Located inside the Campus Recreation Center (REC), the future 2,500-square-foot Esports Living Lab will feature 40 PCs and will be divided into spaces for casual gaming and watch parties, content creation and competitive gaming.

      With an estimated 500 million players and fans across the globe, competitive video gaming is fast becoming one of the world's most popular forms of recreation.


      Casual Gaming Picture

      Casual Gaming: An open space with 40 PCs and spots for watch parties, hangouts, and more!


      Production: Private studio space for streaming, content creation, and recording!

      Comp Room

      Competitive Gaming: Exclusive space for team practices, coaching, and competitive gameplay!

      Casual Seating

      Casual Seating: Watch parties, hangouts, and more to happen in the same space you play in!


      Keep up with construction of the the USF Esports Living Lab opening here!