About the Fund

Fund Administration

The Student Energy Green Fund (SGEF) is collectively administered by the SGEF Council, which consists of 15 individuals: 12 regular (voting) members, two alternates, and one Chair.

USF Tampa Governor of Student Government nominates six student members and one student alternate from the USF Tampa Campus upon the recommendation of the SG University and Community Affairs Department or other administrative unit of SG designated by the governor.

The SGEF Council Chair nominates six faculty/staff members and one faculty/staff alternate from the USF Tampa Campus.

All appointments to the SGEF Council are made by the USF Tampa Governor of Student Government or her/his delegate. Nominations from students, faculty, and staff are accepted by the SG Governor and SGEF Council Chair each academic year, with appointments made no later than July 31. All SGEF Council appointments are limited to nine months, starting August 1st ending April 30. SGEF Council members may seek additional (including consecutive) terms.

The SGEF Council Chair convenes the council, oversees procedural matters, and may cast a tie-breaking vote. A simple majority of voting members (seven) is required to vote on SGEF proposals and amend the SGEF Charter. The simple majority must consist of at least three student members and at least three faculty/staff members. Vote casting by electronic means (e.g., e-mail) may be permitted as needed but is not preferred. Alternate members may be called upon to vote if a simple majority of regular voting members cannot be achieved.