About the Fund

Put your fee to use today

Your student green energy fee helps the University of South Florida reach its sustainability goals, and many of them offer convenient, environmentally-friendly amenities for students -- creating a greener environment for all of us to enjoy!

Here's some of the green programs put in place with SGEF fees that you can use daily.

Hydration Station

Reduce waste by using a refillable water bottle.

Hydration stations on campus make it easier for you to reuse water bottles, reducing the number of plastic containers thrown away on campus along with the environmental toll once they reach the landfill.

The Student Green Energy Fund helped replace standard water fountains around campus with units that feature both a fountain and a separate tap for quickly refilling your water bottle.


Solar umbrella

Charge your phone using solar energy

The umbrellas over tables outside the Argos Student Food Service Courtyard do more than shade you from the sun -- they harness those rays to recharge your cellphones!

Plug your phone into one of the USB ports at the tables to recharge your device. The ports themselves reduce wasted energy by stopping the charging process once your phone has full energy.

The power generated during daylight hours is saved, which allows for charging no matter the time of day. You can find similar charging stations on the plaza outside the USF Chemistry building.