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Faculty & Staff Involvement

Faculty & Staff Involvement with the Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement at the Tampa campus

Title: Leadership Coach
Program: Certified Student Leader
Time Commitment: A minimum of two, hour long meetings with the student and a brief orientation for the program are required.
Description: Help guide and mentor a student through their exploration of leadership education and the application of those principles to their lives.
Contact: clce@usf.edu 

Title: Advisor
Program: Student Organizations
Time Commitment: Varies based on expectations set with the students.
Description: Serve as an advocate to provide support and guidance to organization members.
Contact: Kaylan Burns, Coordinator for Student Organization Development

Title: Advisor
Program: Bulls Service Breaks
Time Commitment: Day-long training in the fall, weekly meetings with the student team leading up to the trip and time away for the week-long trip.
Description: Serve as the sole professional staff advisor as you travel for spring break with a small group of students to do issue-specific community service and learn about a new culture together.
Contact: Kim Fabbri-Greener, Associate Director for Civic Engagement 

Leadership Training for Your Students
Are you looking for ways to infuse leadership and leadership development into your class? The Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement can provide workshops, articles, books, and in-class presentations on leadership to your class.

Contact: Alex Espaillat, Coordinator for Leadership Development