About Us

Vision, Mission, Values


The CLCE intends to become content experts and community connectors in support of USF leadership and civic engagement initiatives.


The CLCE trains, educates, and develops USF students to be engaged leaders.


Values are fundamental beliefs that guide our actions. The CLCE believes in: 

    • Curiosity (USF value alignment: inquiry)
      • Learning 
      • Development 
      • Ideation 
      • Activation 
    • Flexibility (USF value alignment: innovation)
      • Change as positive evolution
      • Dynamic
    • Collaboration (USF value alignment: integrity)
      • Contextual awareness
      • Cooperation
      • Communication
    • Citizenship (USF value alignment: inclusion)
      • Community, local to global
      • Direct service 
      • Democratic engagement
      • Civil discourse
    • Justice (USF value alignment: inclusion)
      • Ethical responsibility 
      • Equity
      • Diversity
      • Inclusion