Leadership Development

Nomination Information - Celebration of Leadership Awards

The nomination application for The Celebration of Leadership Awards for the 2021-2022 academic year is now open!

Nomination process

Nominations may be self-nominations or submitted on behalf of another individual or group. If you are the nominator, you will be asked to provide your contact information in addition to the nominee's contact information.

All award submissions are completed via the form in BullsConnect. You must be logged in to complete the form. Paper or alternative formats of supporting materials are not accepted, unless accommodations have been requested. 

You must complete an individual form for each award you are interested in. You cannot use one form to submit for multiple award.

Questions or concerns should be routed to the CLCE via email at clce@usf.edu.


Step One - Pick the award(s): Visit the Award Descriptions page to determine which awards you would like to submit for or nominate someone for. It is important you review the award descriptions carefully so you do not submit incorrectly.

Step TwoVisit the Nomination Form to begin the process: Visit the the nomination form and select the award you are interested in. Once you do select the award, you will see the additional criteria for the award, as well as the short answer response required. All award nominations require a short answer response of at least 500 words. Some awards require a letter of support from someone other than the nominators, where others have this as an optional upload.

Step Three - Save the form and gather materials: We encourage you to utilize a Word Document to craft your responses and then copy them into the form. Also, begin to assemble the supporting documents required. You will not be able to submit your documents in-person or after the deadline.

TIP: This will take time! Give yourself at least 2 - 3 hours to complete the short answer response and the form. You will need to give yourself more time if you plan to upload a letter of support.

Step Four - Return to the form and complete your nomination. 

Step Five - Submit for additional awards and/or hang tight! - Nominations will be viewed by an anonymous committee of faculty and staff at the university. 

Step Six - Mark your calendars! Visit usf.edu/clce on the day of the event to access the live event link.