Leadership Development

Past Winners

Each year, we will update this page to recognize our previous Celebration of Leadership Award winners.

2020 Award Winners

Student Employee Recognition
Presented by the Office of Internships and Career Readiness

2019 – 2020 Student Employee of the Year: Amitra Unnikumaran, Classroom Assistant – Office of Students with Disabilities Services

2019 – 2020 Outstanding Intern of the Year: Merritt Smith, Internship with Hillsborough County Public Schools

Alumni Association Awards
Presented by the USF Alumni Association

Traditions Keepers: Haley Bauer, Ami Chandarana, Amoy Ellis, Sabrina Soltau

2020 Spring Outstanding Graduate: Keller Blackwell, College of Arts in Sciences candidate majoring in mathematics

Marshall Student Center
Presented by the Marshall Student Center

Outstanding Student Employee: Amanda Lopez, Student Marketing Assistant

Student Government Leadership Awards
Presented by Student Government Advising, Training and Operations

Outstanding Emerging Leader: Shannon Harner, Ranking Justice of the Supreme Court

Outstanding Senior Leader: Britney Deas, Student Body President

Leadership & Civic Engagement Awards
Presented by the Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement

Learn. Serve. Lead – Outstanding Service to the CLCE: Aixa Cruz Rodriguez, Vice Chair for Immersive Experience – Civic Engagement Board and Paige Walsh, Chairperson – Leadership Board

Volunteer Community Program of the Year: Volunteer Program with Pizzo Elementary School, Greco Elementary School and Liberty Middle School, Bright Young Minds Alliance

Volunteer Student Organization of the Year: Hope for the Homeless

The Good Neighbor Community Partner: Mort Elementary School

Community Partner Ultimate Bull Award: The Skills Center

Fraternity & Sorority Life Awards
Presented by the Center for Student Involvement

Outstanding Fraternity & Sorority Member: Suyog Thengale, Vice President – Order of Omega and Assistant Program Educator – Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Fraternity & Sorority Chapter of the Year: Sigma Delta Tau Sorority

Mulitcultural Community Awards
Presented by the Office of Multicultural Affairs

Best Cross-Cultural Collaboration Award: Noche en Paris, Latin American Student Association, USF French Club, Boricua Student Association, First Generation Latinx, Latin Dance Club

Sport Club Awards
Presented by the Recreation & Wellness

Community Engagement Award: Women’s Club Soccer

Men’s Sport Club Athlete of the Year: Vonterio Duncan, Men’s Club Ultimate Frisbee

Women’s Sport Club Athlete of the Year: Faith Gosselin, Women’s Club Soccer

Outstanding Sport Club of the Year: Men’s Rugby Club

Student Organization Awards
Presented by the Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor:  Dr. Pei-Sung Lin, Institute of Transportation Engineers

Student Organization Program of the Year: Southeast Regional Conference, Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers 

Outstanding Student Organization Leader: Anxhelo Mara, University Emergency Medicine Student Association (UEMSA)

Outstanding Student Organization Collaboration: Noche Latina and Salsaween, Latin American Student Association, Boricua Student Association, French Club, First Generation Latinx

Bridge Builder: American Cultured Desi 

Outstanding New Student Organization:  American Cultured Desi 

Outstanding Graduate Student Organization: Institute of Transportation Engineers 

Outstanding Student Organization: Triumph Over Trafficking 

Student Leader Awards
Presented by the Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement

Marshall Student Center Hall of Fame: Nandini Agarwal 

Leadership Legacy: Jesus Parada Perla, President – Latin American Student Association

Pillar of the Community: Timothy Ernest, President – Relay for Life at USF

2018 Award Winners

Career Services Awards
Student Employee of the Year: Christian Lee
Supervisor of the Year: Stephanie Jamanca

Alumni Association Awards
Spring 2018 Outstanding Graduate: Dakota Becker-Greene

Marshall Student Center Employee Award
Marshall Student Center Outstanding Student Employee: Nevada Norris

Student Government Awards
Student Government Outstanding Emerging Leader: Murzia Siddiqui
Student Government Senior/Graduate Leader: Jackson Cardarelli

Civic Engagement Awards
Volunteer Standout Performance of the Year: Lemuel Scott
This award recognizes the most outstanding USF individual who has dedicated his or her time to USF and the surrounding communities through community service, philanthropy, and/or social justice awareness.

Volunteer Organization of the Year: Dr. A.N.V. Rao Gurukulam Program
This award recognizes a student organization with the most comprehensive and effective volunteer service program.

Learn. Serve. Lead.; Hyeyoung Yoon

Community Partner Awards
Community Partner of the Year: Metropolitan Ministries: Metro Immersion Program
This award recognizes a community partner with the most comprehensive, effective, and engaging volunteer service program.

The Good Neighbor Community Partner Award: Trinity Cafe
This award recognizes a community partner within a three mile radius of the USF-Tampa campus who has created opportunities for students to engage in meaningful and impactful work that emphasizes the reciprocal nature of our relationship with the community.

Community Partner Ultimate Bull Award: Lena Young-Green
This award recognizes a community partner who has collaborated with the USF campus community in a mutually beneficial relationship to create positive sustainable change for Tampa Bay.

Fraternity/Sorority Life Awards
Outstanding Sorority Member: Laurie Perez
Chapter of the Year: Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated

Multicultural Community Award
Multicultural Community Student Leader of the Year: Max Morinelli

Sport Club Awards
Sport Club Community Engagement Award: Kendo Club
Sport Club Athlete of the Year: Ashley Williams
Sport Club Athlete of the Year: Sahith Mandala
Outstanding Sport Club of the Year: Fencing Club

Student Organization Awards
Outstanding Organization Advisor: LaToya Wider
Student Organization Program of the Year: Mr. and Ms. Africa Pageants, planned by the African Students Association
Outstanding Student Organization Leader: David Williams
Outstanding Organization Collaboration: Latin American Student Association
Bridge Builder: African Students Association
Outstanding New Student Organization: Contemporary Art Museum Club
Outstanding Graduate Student Organization: Institute of Transportation Engineers
Outstanding Student Organization: Club Creole

Global Awards
Global Initiative of the Year: Diversity Series Initiative, planned by the GloBull Ambassadors
Global Program of the Year: Diwali Dhamaka, planned by the Students of India Association

Leadership Awards
MSC Hall of Fame: Marilluly Peraza
Leadership Legacy: Geldine Ambroise
Pillar of the Community: Norah Mubarak

Dean of Students Award
Courageous Bull Award: Camila Ozores Silva

Tradition Keepers
Sierra Francis
Kellie Furey
Kelly Anne Altenbernd
Priyanka Rohera
Bailey Cunningham
Mahiul Reza
Angela Cerbone
Varna Kesani
Martha Chavez
Norah Mubarak
Rachel Monet Moore
Jennifer Dampman

Global Citizens Award Recipients
Aleah Ataman
Ronika Bailey
Melissa Bianchi
Annie Blackard
Valencia Briseus
Sarah Byrd
Melanie Chacon
Martha Chavez
Haley Coolidge
Rachel Csontos
Cierra D'Almeida
Fabiana Echevarria
Conor Farrell
Anna Fennell
Gage Giunta
Gviana Goldberg
Kaitlin Harrington
Natasha Ifante
Shaddia Joseph
Gabrielle Kiliman
Mayah Knight
Kayla Li
Nicole Marques
Brianna McKown
Helen Mena
Zora Millerleile
Yordanos Molla
Mark Moussa
Aleksandar Popovic
Jamie Lee Puerto
Desiree Rabelo
Gabriela Rigaud
Amanda Rivera
Roachia Rodney
Priyanka Rohera
Nicole Schneider
Hannah Seamans
George Serrano Martinez
Sara Sturgess
Shiloh Taylor
Jessica Viqueira-Rodriguez
Kyrsteen Webster