Audre Lorde Luncheon

Audre Lorde Luncheon 

The Audre Lorde Luncheon is an annual luncheon in which we reflect on the strides towards LGBTQ+ inclusion championed here at USF over the last year. We take a look at what to expect in the year ahead and ways that each of us can continue to be involved in creating an even more inclusive campus that celebrates our LGBTQ+ population here at USF. We recognize and honor our campus partners, the Safe Zone facilitation team, and others in the roles they play in the success of LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty.

This luncheon is named after Audre Lorde to pay tribute to the life and legacy of the poet, scholar, feminist, and queer woman of color. Audre Lorde started her contribution to the LGBTQ+ movement in the 1960s, but her work continues to impact both scholars and practitioners.

For far too long, queer and trans+ people of color have been erased from history books and stories of the LGBTQ+ movement. It is our responsibility as allies and advocates across campus to ensure these voices are in the room, and to keep those voices at the center of key conversations.  Audre Lorde, as a queer woman of color, dedicated her life to both confronting and addressing issues of sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia, as well as the intersections of these different forms of oppression. Audre Lorde put it even more plainly when she said “your silence will not protect you.” We should take this as a call to action, as allies and advocates to continually break the silence on these key issues and commit to our work towards creating a more inclusive USF campus.

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audre lorde luncheon

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