Student Organizations

Asian/Pacific Islander Organizations

💚= A member of the Multicultural Community

Asian Students in America 💚

Asian Students in America's purpose is to serve as a unified community where students of various ethnic backgrounds may come together to promote unity, fellowship, professionalism and help promote a stronger Asian cultural awareness.

Association of Filipino Students 💚

The Association of Filipino Students (AFS) promotes the Filipino culture among students while having fun at the same time, anyone can be a part of AFS, as long as you are willing to make new friends and have a great time.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association 💚

The purpose of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSS) is to better serve Chinese students and scholars at USF. CSSA is a non-profit, non-affiliated, and non-partisan student organization officially registered at the USF.

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

The main missions of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers are to help Asian heritage scientists and engineers reach their full potential in the global workforce, promote diversity on campus and in workplace, and to provide community service opportunities to its members.

Students of India Association 💚

Students of India brings together the culturally diverse Indian Student community at the University of South Florida and intends to join hands with other cultural organizations to create a cordial and cultural atmosphere.

Thai Student Association

Thai Student Association aims to display to the world the enriched, beautiful aspects of Thai culture. To assist new Thai students in adapting to foreign environment and culture. To provide reliable academic/non-academic information about USF to prospective Thai students. To strengthen bonds amongst Thai students, as well as acquaint Thai students with international students through creative activities.

Vietnamese Student Association 💚

Vietnamese Student Association is an organization that strives to educate and spread information about Vietnamese culture to the USF community and the Tampa Bay community.