Student Organizations

Latinx Organizations

Latinx is an inclusive term to encompass all genders represented in the Latinx community in addition to individuals who identify as a man/woman or Latino/Latina. 💚= A member of the Multicultural Community

Boricuas Student Association 💚

The Boricua Student Association strives to help students of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds succeed at USF through academic, social, and community service events while promoting diversity. Another mission of BSA is to increase the enrollment of students of Puerto Rican heritage at the university and help improve the quality of life of Tampa's Puerto Rican community.

Club de Español 💚

The purpose of Club de Español is to give students an opportunity to practice their conversational Spanish skills, learn about Latinx cultures, and apply their knowledge of Spanish to everyday life. Club de Español activities include watching films, volunteering, listening to music, playing games, celebrating holidays, and enjoying authentic cuisine.

Cuban American Student Association

Cuban American Student Association (CASA) aims to explore Cuba's culture, history, and current status while creating a network with the University of South Florida students, faculty, and staff of all types of backgrounds and cultures.

Dominican American Student Association

The Dominican American Student Association (DASA) at the University of South Florida (USF), a non-profit organization, is a place where the Dominican culture can be experienced by all. You do not have to be Dominican to join but we do recommend that you prepare yourself to have a good time.

Latin American Student Association 💚

Latin American Student Association (L.A.S.A) provides a socially interactive and inclusive atmosphere for L.A.S.A members and the broader Tampa Bay community. This environment enhances education, while also promoting awareness of the Latin American culture. L.A.S.A also educates and encourages their members to be culturally aware and knowledgeable about the diversity that exists within the Latinx community.

Latin Dance Club 💚

Latin Dance Club (LDC) provides opportunities to engage students and enhance university life by introducing a socially engaging environment that will provide students with a multitude of interpersonal interactions with their fellow students.LDC introduces different dances from many parts of Latin America which will advocate diverse student interest in cultures they may not be aware of or were previously unable to take part in.

Mexican American Student Association 💚

The purpose of the Mexican American Student Association is to promote Mexican culture awareness, provide a network and support system for its members' academic and personal development, and promote multicultural awareness through the incorporation of all students, regardless of ethnicity, in presenting programs to aid tolerance and the interaction with other Hispanic and multicultural organizations.

Venezuelan Student Alliance 💚

Venezuelan Student Alliance (VSA) aims to showcase and promote the Venezuelan culture among USF students. Goals of the organization include: helping integrate new, existing and interested students to the USF community; creating links and connections with other Venezuelan associations throughout the United States; and providing support for the personal and professional growth of our members.