About Us


The services, programs, and experiences offered by Student Success make a significant impact on students while on campus and long after. Your gift of financial support will help us to continue our student success initiatives as we help develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Giving is easy! Through the university's foundation site, you can show your financial support of Student Success' work online. The following is a list of our current priority funds that we would love for you to consider for their ability to have major impact on the success of our students:

  • Undergraduate Education Faculty/Staff Scholarship (390580)
  • Student Affairs Operating Support (590042)
  • Don’t Stop Don’t Drop Operating (590049)
  • New Student Connections (590053)
  • Admissions/Minority Recruitment Fund (600004)
  • Feed-A-Bull Operating Fund (590076)
  • Career Services (600010)
  • Undergraduate Studies Fund (390080)
  • Advocacy Programs Operating Fund (590054)
  • Enrollment Marketing Fund (520640)

If you prefer to speak with someone about a gift, please e-mail Alexis Mootoo or call her at 813-974-8223 and she will respond directly to discuss.