Staff, Faculty & Community

Faculty & Staff Campaign

As an employee of Student Success, you are essential to our work and a tremendous asset to the University of South Florida. You invest your time and talent in our students and the university each day, and you extend yourself beyond the day-to-day work through your ongoing belief in and support of the mission and goals of the university.

The annual Faculty & Staff Campaign offers you another path to support our Student Success initiatives with a financial gift to help move these important initiatives forward.

Your gift of any amount can make a tremendous difference to a student. It can help to fund a scholarship to keep a deserving student enrolled, provide food to another in difficult times, or ensure tutors are available when one is needed most, for example.

Please consider making a contribution to any of the priority Student Success funds presented on the foundation page. While we have an ambitious goal, please know the amount of your contribution is not as important as your participation.

With the help of your gift, together, we will continue impacting the lives of our students, peers, and the university community.