Social Media


Social Media is a tool that can be used to engage and communicate with multiple audiences. Accounts should be used to both listen and converse. For questions and/or to determine if you need a USF Social Media account, contact USF's Social Media team at or submit a request with this form.

For additional comprehensive guidelines on social media at USF, access our digital asset management tool 'Bynder' and navigate to 'Social Media Guidelines' from the 'Brand Guidelines' tab. 

Building Social Media Strategy

Initial Steps

  • Outline your department or unit’s goals
  • Identify your target audience
  • Choose the platform(s) that best suit your needs
  • Determine how success will be measured
  • Create a posting plan/build a content calendar
  • Monitor your account and audience


In order from left to right: Facebook, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn logos


The platform that encompasses the heart of our community – representative of the wide range of people who care about USF. The space encourages highlighting and focusing on people who represent, contribute to, and have a passion for the university. There's a constant influx of followers and brand ambassadors who want to be informed about university impact, events, and growth.

X (formerly Twitter)

Our strongest externally facing platform that can reach and target businesses, organizations, and influential people. A space to highlight and underscore USF’s reputation and impact (ie. rankings, research, grants, gifts, accomplishments). Provides an opportunity to serve content that is trend-seeking and a differentiator.


A platform for visually showcasing our university in the most aesthetic light possible. A space with a large student/young adult audience that encourages highlighting USF’s vibrant campuses and student life. Provides an opportunity to serve content that is eye-catching, unique, and/or happening in real time.


A platform that largely lends itself to USF alumni and working professionals (current and former employees, aspirational professionals, community supporters). The space allows us to reach these audiences with content relevant to university developments, rankings, and academic achievements. It’s also a place to showcase and celebrate the personal achievements of those that make USF an inspirational place to be a part of.

Please note: Per Florida legislation, the use of TikTok is prohibited on USF's wired and wireless networks as well as on any district-owned devices. It is also prohibited for use to communicate or promote any university activity, content, units, etc.