Undergraduate Studies celebrates office updates

april spotlight large

Signs, painting, and more! The Facilities Management Design & Construction team including Elizabeth Clifford, Chris Martin, Daniel Eger, and Gabe Albert pulled together many facility updates for several Undergraduate Studies (UGS) offices. Alexis Mootoo, Ph.D., and Merlina Glass were also instrumental in facilitating this process.

C.W. Bill Young Hall
IT updates will soon be implemented in the Joint Military Leadership Center conference room. These include an extra-large screen, a new PC, and a new audio system to support Teams meetings.

Currently, the HIPUR team is relocated to LIB 308 while the university is replacing the air handlers. When this project is complete the suite will be getting refreshed with a new coat of paint.

Student Support Services
The air conditioning unit is in the process of being replaced and the staff is working in the UGS suite and from home. In the Summer of 2021, SSS moved into this physical space and the workspaces were adjusted so students could congregate to study and socialize.

SVC Entrance
As you walk into the SVC 2nd floor building entrance visitors will see the list of UGS department names on the windows to the right and the Office of Undergraduate Studies on the windows to the left of the door. Students will now enter the building knowing they are heading in the right direction for the department they are looking for. The maps of the second floor have also been updated to reflect current offices.

UGS entryway


SVC 2nd Floor Hallways
The ceiling signs throughout the SVC second floor have been updated with current office names and directional signs. As you walk towards the UGS suite the hallway walls have been painted and chair rails added. On these same walls, a new Bulls horn Undergraduate Studies logo is on the wall to the right and the university seal is on the opposite wall. As you approach the UGS suite the spirit of USF is welcoming students and staff as they enter the UGS offices. 

SVC 2026

UGS Suite
Inside the UGS suite, the Dean’s conference room has been painted, a chair rail installed, and soon there will be new wall hangings.

There are four conference rooms in the UGS suite equipped for meetings:

  • UGS Dean’s Conference Room - large screen, computer, keyboard w/mouse, camera, microphone, telephone, and seating for 14 plus.
  • UGS Reception Conference Room - large screen, computer, keyboard w/mouse, camera, microphone, and seating for 12.
  • SVC 2026 - A large screen, computer, keyboard w/mouse, with a camera and microphone, and seating for five.
  • SVC 2032 - Table with seating for five plus.