How to Join

Forms for Enrollment

Army ROTC is an elective, so one can take the first two years of this program with no obligation.

These forms are just needed for one to enroll in the program, so these forms have nothing to do with contracting with the U.S Army which holds you to an obligation of serving in the military. Submitting these forms on this page does not mean one will gain a scholarship or be obligated to serve in the military after college.

Please be aware that the program's human resources will provide you with more documentation to sign and return, as well. 

Descriptions Remarks Directions
104-R Form Planned Academic Worksheet

This worksheet will assist Cadets in ensuring they are aligned academically each semester to graduate on time. 

You must open this document in a document reader such as Adobe Reader DC for it to be viewable and completable. 

DA Form 3425-R


Physical Exam Form Must be filled out be a doctor. Can be hand-written and scanned.
 Transcripts  High school or college  Unofficial is acceptable.
DD Form 2058 State of Legal Residence  
CC Form 136-R Briefing on Government sponsored benefits Can be hand-written and scanned.
CC Form 137-R Authorization of for Access to student records Part one must be signed to access your transcripts. Type in your name, school, and parent's names then print it out, sign/date, scan and return.
DD Form 2005 Privacy Act Statement Health Care Records Sign at the bottom, scan, and return. Cadre will put in your SSN.