About Us


NROTC Foundation

The foundation was created with a multitude of missions in mind. While the foundation is still relatively young, it was designed to positively impact Naval ROTC midshipmen in the Buccaneer Battalion in ways such as:

  • Enhancing training for midshipmen at drill meets and competitions.
  • Supporting costs of travel/registration at leadership conferences.
  • Helping to fund training on military etiquette and customs/courtesies of the Navy and Marine Corps.

The foundation was designed to support student enrichment through many different outlets. We are excited about the future success that this foundation will bring our battalion and we thank you for your support and donations!

If you are interested in donating, please contact the USF NROTC main office at (813)-974-4789.

CAPT Ipock Foundation


Captain Kevin D. Long teaching Buccaneer Battalion Midshipmen about leadership and management. Your generous donations allows us to continue shaping the future leaders of the Navy and Marine Corps.