Faculty, Administration, and Staff

Below are types of insurance programs available to employees appointed to regular Faculty, Administration, or Staff positions:

Postdoctoral Scholars

Employees appointed to a Postdoctoral Scholar position are offered two different benefit program options. Postdoctoral Scholars are allowed to participate in some of the same State sponsored insurance programs offered to Faculty, Administration, and Staff if they are appointed to work 30 hours or more per week. In addition, Postdoctoral Scholars are offered University sponsored insurance plans:

State Sponsored Insurance Programs

University Sponsored Insurance Programs

Graduate Assistants

Most employees appointed to a Graduate Assistantship position are offered a student health insurance, which is paid by USF. The insurance plan is provided by the University Student Health Insurance office.

Temporary Employees

Employees appointed in a temporary position working 30 hours or more may be offered the below insurance plans. The 30 work hours can be a combination of hours worked at USF and another State Agency.