For Students

Why Study Abroad?

  1. Stay on track for graduation
    1. Travel and take classes required to graduate without adding extra semesters.
    2. Plan courses ahead of time to stay on track.

  2. Complete summer hours
    1. Study abroad credit hours taken during summer will count towards your 9 credit hour summer requirement.

  3. Career Readiness
    1. Gain skills that prepare you for the workforce.
    2. Become a more competitive applicant for graduate and professional school through participation in a global experience.
    3. Network with professionals during your experience and create strong connections.

  4. Global Competency
    1. Become comfortable in a foreign setting.
    2. Experience cultures different from your own.
    3. Learn how to adapt to unique situations.

  5. Study Abroad re-entry
    1. Participate in activities and events when you return from your trip.
    2. Become a GloBull Ambassador (link this to GBA page) and share your story with other students.
    3. Update your professional profile (CV, LinkedIn, etc.) to reflect the new skills you have gained from your experience.

You can read more information on the Benefits of Studying Abroad on Admit-A-Bull, USF’s Official Admissions Blog.

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