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Identity-Based Resources

USF Education Abroad is committed to supporting all student regardless of identity or background to explore their options for study abroad. We want all our students to take guided action towards international experiences and take advantage of the many benefits that studying abroad can provide. We are here to support all students in this endeavor. Below, students may find additional resources organized by various student identities that can help them succeed before, during, and after their education abroad experience. If you have any identity-based concerns please reach out to our Education Abroad Gateway Office.

Mobility & Accessibility 



Race & Ethnicity






Student Athletes

Application Process:

Getting Started with Study Abroad

  • Attend Athletes Abroad information session
  • Discuss appropriate travel time and training needs with your coach (see chart)
  • Ask your Academic Coordinator about specific academic degree requirements you must meet

Explore Program Options

  • Research programs and options see below in opportunities ( we already did the work for you)
  • Brainstorm study abroad ideas with Student Program Coordinator
  • Consult the How to Choose a Program slide for more considerations and goal setting

Getting Started with the Education Abroad Office

  • Complete your online application (this does not commit you to a program and is free)
  • Complete your online profile
  • Print your course form and review your options

Consult with Your College/Major Adviser(s)

  • Review the What to Ask Your Advisor handout and take with you for the meeting
  • Discuss the list of items your Academic Coordinator generated to be discussed with your college/major adviser
  • Meet with your major adviser and discuss how your study abroad program fits into your curriculum. Have them sign the Course Approval Form if necessary
  • Update your coach on the progress you are making with this process

Finalize your Program Application

  • Submit all forms via your online portal or the Education Abroad Gateway Office
  • Your course form is usually the final piece of the application for summer applicants.
  • Commit to the program once accepted ($500 non-refundable deposit-allows you to apply for EAO Scholarships

Submit Program Application

  • Call, email, or come into the Gateway Office if you need any assistance with your application or want to talk to a study abroad advisor.

Meet with the Scholarship Coordinator in the Compliance Office

  • Discuss athletic scholarship issues related to study abroad
  • Discuss further scholarship opportunities for study abroad with advisor or Student Program Coordinator 

Things to Consider:


  • Timing of study abroad is of crucial importance to student-athletes. There are many program lengths to choose from, ranging from year-long to just two or three weeks in duration.
  • You will need to consider various factors, including practice and competition schedules, likelihood that you will have a chance to engage in post-season competition (bowl games, Big Ten or NCAA tournaments/meets, etc.) other team commitments, off-season activities, eligibility issues, scholarship constraints, and access to conditioning facilities while abroad.
  • Speaking with your coach and MAC counselor will help in determining the most appropriate time for you. See Timing by Sport guidelines below.

Credit Arrangements

As a student-athlete, you MUST choose a program that yields resident credits, meaning that you will earn an actual grade for the course on your University of South Florida transcript, rather than just transfer credits.


Speak with your Academic Coordinator and the Compliance staff with regards to any specific eligibility issues. The NCAA has strict requirements regarding participating in outside competition; be sure to obtain all the necessary information from Compliance and your Academic Coordinator prior to going abroad. You can get details regarding your program from your Study Abroad Advisor or Chris Haynes in the Education Abroad Gateway Office.


Even more so than most students, it is essential that while you are abroad you continue to maintain your physical fitness. Speak with your coach and/or trainers about developing a plan for while you’re away. Talk with your study abroad advisor about the program itinerary and gym access.