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Parents and Families

The safety of all participants on a USF Education Abroad program is of the utmost importance. Therefore, we have a team whose focus is to assess the possible risks before a program is offered, discuss the safety and security with faculty and in-country coordinators accompanying the students, and monitor the program while the students are abroad until they return. The International Risk and Security Office is on-call 24/7 to offer assistance in health and safety incidents occurring abroad. To best prepare our student travelers, each student is required to complete a General Pre-departure Orientation course and attend country-specific orientations. Furthermore, all students are enrolled in our International Health and Emergency Evacuation Insurance plan designed to meet the specific needs of students abroad. 

To learn more about our insurance, 24/7 support and online resources, please visit our International Travel website.

Typically, family members are welcome to attend USF’s pre-departure orientations; however, in instances where this cannot be accommodated, students are strongly encouraged to share all information discussed during their orientations with family members. Additionally, while we understand family and friends may wish to travel abroad with their student, it can often prove disruptive to have them accompany students to the program site, accommodations, or classrooms, as access to these location is frequently restricted to members of the program only.

The program cost of an Education Abroad program will include housing and other expenses for the student which will depend on the cost of living of the particular city or cities where the program occurs. Our office understands that studying abroad requires careful financial planning, and financial resources need not be a deterrent. In order to assist students in finding funding, our office provides funding workshops, and online resources of this site.
We advise that students look into obtaining the funds needed to pay for their program costs and additional expenses as early as possible, and apply to multiple scholarships to increase their chances of receiving funds. Students must keep in mind that most scholarships cover only part of the total program costs and deadlines can fall 3 – 6 months before their program’s travel dates.

Our office supports and creates high-impact, innovative, and accessible academic programs abroad through which students earn college credits. The process of those credits applying to students’ transcripts depends on the program. The type of credit could be transfer or direct which also determines the funding for which the student will be eligible. Our website provides a search engine to electronic brochures with details about each program and the type of credits obtainable.

The University of South Florida must abide by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). We understand that parents may want to inquire about their students’ academic, financial or registration information, yet all aspects of study abroad participation are the responsibility of the students. Consider it an opportunity for growth! We would like to encourage you to read more about FERPA.

For an in-depth resource on providing support to your child as they navigate the study abroad process, you can download the Institute for International Education’s Parent Guide to Study Abroad.