Housing at INTO USF

Overview of Housing

INTO USF Undergraduate Pathway and Undergraduate Academic English students planning to progress to an Undergraduate Pathway are required to live in on-campus housing during their first year. Students will fulfill their housing requirement by living on campus for one to three semesters, depending on what semester they start their program.

Rate Plans & Immunization

Please remember that the students MUST have all of their immunization documents and the Medical History Form completed and sent to INTO USF prior to arrival. These forms and documents must be translated to or completed in English. The University of South Florida has mandated that USF Housing cannot allow students to move into on-campus rooms without this information entered into the campus student information system.

Moving In

INTO students will receive an email detailing their assignment and other important information in the few weeks prior to their orientation start date.

Additional Information and FAQs

Frequently asked questions from INTO USF students.