Resident Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

What does RA mean?

RA stands for Resident Assistant.

What is a CM? Is that the same thing as an RA?

A CM is a Community Manager for the Greek Village. Much like a Resident Assistant, the CM position is charged with building community, monitoring health and safety of residents, and carrying out the residential curriculum. Because of the nature of Greek Village, the CM is a year round position and it is highly encouraged for CMs to be members of the fraternity or sorority of the house for which they serve as a CM. RA/CM Applications will be available November 13, 2017. You can apply to be both an RA and a CM, however, if offered, you will only be allowed to serve as one or the other.

What is the compensation?

RAs are expected to live where they work, and to engage with residents in the residence hall and dining halls. As such, RAs will be provided a room in the hall they work, and a meal plan so that they can meet this expectation of the position.

I'm new here and don't have a GPA to report on the application. What do I do?

You may leave this blank on your application. Your GPA will be verified after you submit your application. The minimum GPA is a 2.75 (semester and cumulative).

I've never lived in a residence hall. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply. Please refer to the "Qualifications" section for more information.

How will the Resident Assistant position affect my financial aid?

The Resident Assistant position may affect your financial aid or scholarship award. However, to determine how that will affect your individual circumstances, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 813-974-4700.

Do I already need to know how to confront people or deal with emergencies?

Prior experience in this area is not a requirement to be a Resident Assistant. All staff members receive training before the academic year on many situations that might arise in our residential communities.

If I have been documented through the university conduct process, can I still be a Resident Assistant?

Students must be in good conduct standing with the university. In addition, you must not have any incomplete sanctions with the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities at the time of application or during your candidacy. If offered the position, RAs must always be in good conduct standing with the university starting at the time they accept the offer.

Do I have to be involved in my hall council or other clubs in order to be selected?

Involvement in clubs and organizations is not a prerequisite for the RA position. Being involved in the residence hall community can provide candidates with insight into the role of the RA and the dynamics of a residence hall community, but is not required. Additionally, student leadership experience on campus or in other organizations can provide candidates with insight into effective steps in serving as a role model, caring for others, planning events, managing time and working within a team, all of which are important aspects of being an RA.

What does the interview process entail?

Step 1: Apply!

Applications open on November 13 and are due by 11:59 p.m. on January 15.

Step 2: Create a Video Diary

Click on the Assignments Tab in Canvas, select "New RA Video Diary" and follow the instructions.
All videos are due November 30 by 11:59 p.m.

Step 3: Attend a Virtual/In-Person Pre-Workshop

Candidates will be invited to participate in the Pre-Workshop in December
After receiving your invite, click on the Assignments Tab, select "Pre-Workshop" and explore the content
All content discussed in the Pre-Workshop Assignment is meant to prepare you for the New RA Workshop in January
An in-person Pre-Workshop will take place between January 9 and January 18

Step 4: Attend a New RA Workshop

The Workshop will take place on January 20 and January 21
Candidates will be invited to sign up for an hour long time slot in January

Step 5: Reflection Assignment

After the workshop, candidates will be asked to reflect on the experience and submit via canvas by January 23
Click on the Assignments Tab, select "RA Workshop Reflection" and submit your file.

Step 6: Decision Letters

Decision letters will be sent out to candidates via USF Email on February 15

How should I dress for the interview?

There is no "dress code" for interviews. Candidates are encouraged to wear outfits, which make them feel comfortable and confident. Please consult the Career Services website for tips on interviewing.

How are RA selection decisions made?

At various points of the process, all components of a candidate's application are taken into consideration when selecting RAs. Residential Life & Education staff members review all files of qualified candidates and hire individuals who will bring various strengths to their community and staff teams.

I was offered an "Alternate Position." What does this mean?

The RA process is a highly competitive position. Being an "alternate" means that we were not able to offer you an open position at the time of selection, however, if any positions become available throughout the year, we first select candidates who are alternates. This is not a guarantee, however. Being offered an alternate position, is essentially as if a candidate is put on a waitlist for a staff position to become available. This waitlist is kept until mid-spring 2017.

Can I choose my building placement as a Resident Assistant?

When you apply, you are applying for the position and not for a specific residence hall. Hall placement is determined by the Residential Education staff and is based on the needs of the building and the candidate's skill set.

When does Resident Assistant training begin in the fall?

Resident Assistants will move into the halls in early August, and training will begin shortly thereafter. RAs are expected to be at all training sessions and to assist with opening the residence halls for our incoming students. Please see the RA Position Description on the main page of the website for specific training dates.

What is RA Training like?

Our extensive training program will challenge you and teach you what you need to know to excel in the position. Training is required for student staff, so you should plan accordingly as you consider applying. Resident Assistants are trained in the areas of:

If I have a conflict, can I miss training or be late for it?

No. Attending Resident Assistant training in its entirety and fully participating in opening the halls is required to hold the position. Training lasts up until the first day of classes and covers a breadth of information ranging from understanding residential curriculum and confrontation, to community building and social justice. The time invested is critical to prepare Resident Assistants on how to serve as resources for their residents.

Can I hold a job on/off campus if I am a Resident Assistant?

Resident Assistants, who desire to hold a job, in addition to their RA position, must have prior approval from their supervisor (up to 9 hours). Please consider that this position averages 20-hours a week, and may limit involvement in other clubs or organizations. Please see the RA Position Description on the main page of the website for specific information on employment and extracurricular involvement. The 9 hours of additional work outside of the RA position is encompassing of job, potential additional coursework, and other involvement on campus.

How often can I be away from the residence halls if I am offered the position?

Please consult the RA Position Description on the main page of the website to understand the departmental expectations regarding vacations and time away.

I have additional questions. Who do I contact?

Please email for additional assistance. Also, make sure to review the Resident Assistant Agreement.

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