Residential Learning


Residential Learning at the University of South Florida is characterized by a robust Living Learning Community program, annual Academic Initiatives, and opportunities that foster student faculty engagement outside of the classroom.

Residential Learning is a commitment made by Housing & Residential Education and led by our Academic Initiatives (AI) team.

Academic Initiatives Team

The role of the Academic Initiatives Team in Housing & Residential Education is to enhance the learning and development process for our residents by providing resources and tools to aid in their academic careers while at the University of South Florida. The AI team strives to nurture and support each resident's academic success which extends well beyond providing living spaces and study lounges.

Neudy Carolina Nuñez
Program Director for Academic Initiatives & Living Learning Communities | 813-974-4998

Brandi Crews
Coordinator for Academic Initiatives | 813-974-3408

Chazman McKoy
Coordinator for Academic Initiatives | 813-974-9390