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Recycling is a fundamental process in the efforts of the University of South Florida to create a sustainable campus environment. Though recycling is just one small facet of the larger scope of environmental responsibility, it is an extremely visible and vital step in achieving this strategic goal.

Housing & Residential Education uses single-stream recycling

Single-stream recycling is a technology that allows you to place all recyclables, such as fiber (newspaper, office paper, cardboard) and non-fiber containers (glass, tin, aluminum, plastic), in a single container for collection, processing, and marketing.

Single-stream recycling reduces sorting effort by residents. In addition, there are reduced collection costs because single-compartment trucks are cheaper to purchase and operate, collection can be automated and collection routes can be serviced more efficiently.

YES - Recycle These Items:

NO - Trash These Items:

Tips: Recycling in the Residence Halls

Summary of Sustainability Initiatives