Residential Learning

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities, known as LLCs, are residential communities designed to provide you a cohort experience with peers that share similar academic, career and co-curricular interests. In an LLC, you will meet friends with similar majors and interests, connect with faculty and staff right in your residence hall, and enjoy experiences designed especially for you. There's no better way to learn something than to really live it!

Living Learning Communities by Major

Bulls Business
Connect with other business students while developing your professional skills, touring local companies, learning business etiquette, and networking with alumni.

Explore the broad range of careers open to education majors while connecting in your hall with faculty, guest speakers, and local educators who are leaders in their respective fields.

Take advantage of the built-in network of peer support, tutoring services, and academic support programs in your residence hall while you network with College of Engineering administrators and faculty.

Live with other honors college students seeking a tight-knit community of peers who desire additional access to academic resources and assistance with the achievement of personal and professional goals.

This is an opportunity for pre-nursing and public health students to live and study together while participating in specialized events and activities.

Provost's Scholars Program
The Provost's Scholars Program Living Learning Community will connect you with peers who aim to graduate with a competitive edge, one year ahead, with a portfolio of professional development experiences. We focus on your personal, academic, and professional development to prepare you for your post-graduation goals.

Rising Health Professionals
Live with other students preparing to become a health professional. Explore a range of careers open to Pre-Health track students via experiential learning opportunities, faculty mentoring and peer connections. Benefit from in-hall academic advising and tutoring in required Pre-Health track courses.

STEM Academy
The STEM LLC is a stimulating living learning environment that meets the needs of incoming first-year students interested in various science, technology, engineering, and math areas.

Zimmerman Advertising Program
All first-year ZAP students will live in the ZAP Living Learning Community where you will have the opportunity to tour advertising agencies in the Tampa Bay area, attend weekly programs & events, and also have exclusive access to advising and tutoring support in your residence hall.


Living Learning Communities by Interest

American Sign Language
Students who are Deaf, hearing, and hard-of-hearing will benefit from a living environment where you use and practice American Sign Language daily while collectively participating in networking opportunities with faculty who model Deaf culture and support you as you use ASL exclusively in your home on campus.

Develop a strong sense of camaraderie by living with other students who are working toward a commission in the U.S. Armed Forces. Learn the traditions, customs, and culture of each military service while living in a contemporary, suite style residence hall.

Stonewall Suites
Live and learn in this inclusive community where LGBTQ+ and allied students can find and create an environment of awareness, respect, and advocacy for all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Student Support Services (SSS)
Live with other students throughout the academic year who participate in the Student Support Services summer program to foster a community of academic and personal support through proactive, intrusive, comprehensive, and innovative services that enhance student success at USF.