Residential Experience


Live the Bull's Life

The transition to college is a big one. We want you to know that the residential experience at USF is characterized by support, strong interpersonal connections, and academic engagement. We are here for you, and our residents are here for each other.

The Transition

College isn't just about academic growth, but your personal growth as well. We take student development very seriously. This is why all of our professional live-in Residence Life Coordinators hold master's degrees in student development, counseling, or similar areas. We're here for you, and we're ready!

For most of our residents, this will be the first time they live with a roommate. Not all residents share a bedroom, but many do. Most residents also share a bathroom with suite-mates, apartment-mates, or hall-mates. Though it may be different than living at home, remember that with change comes an adjustment period. Our residents are happy to live in environments where they can meet others and make new friends. Sharing a living space with another can pose challenges, but it also presents opportunities. All residents will complete a roommate agreement form shortly after arriving, to help ease the transition to residential life. For most, the transitional period is only a week or two. Before you know it, the semester will be over and you won't want to leave!


All residents will have a Resident Assistant, or RA. The RA is a student para-professional staff member knowledgeable in campus resources, and trained in conflict resolution, multicultural awareness, community building, crisis response, and more. Think of the RA as a guide, a starting place for all questions USF Housing and beyond! Our RA staff will be there for you starting on day one. Our RAs will help you discover opportunities that meet your needs and wants. They will help you navigate any bumps in the road as you transition to college. If you and your roommate have difficulty working something out, the RAs are there to help. It's what they do!


Involvement is a key factor in our students' success. Just by living on campus, you are already involved... because you're here! Students who live on campus for at least one year are more likely to graduate, and sooner, than those who don't. There are many different involvement opportunities available. The diversity of our student body means that you will get to make connections with peers from across the state and the world. There are hundreds of student organizations on campus and events programmed right in the residence halls! There are involvement opportunities available from early morning through late night, so there is something for everyone.

Other ways to get involved:

The Social Justice Peer Educator (SJPE) Program

The Social Justice Peer Educator (SJPE) program is a student leadership opportunity within the Social Justice committee of Residential Education. Social Justice Peer Educators (SJPE) assist Residential Education in creating strong and inclusive communities by promoting awareness and inclusivity, and assisting in our department’s Social Justice programming traditions such as Tunnel of Oppression, Swap Shop and Choose a Better Word.

Center for Student Involvement

Office of Multicultural Affairs


Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement


Living in a residence hall, you will enjoy the peer support and physical environment designed for academic success. Many of our residents form study groups in the halls. There is strength in numbers! Speaking of numbers... no resident is a number here. Though USF is one of the largest universities in the country, our residents have many opportunities for their voices to be heard on campus. Our Hall Councils represent all residential areas, the Residence Hall Association represents the entire residential population, Dining Advisory Councils give residents the chance to have input on the dining experience, and the Deans Council brings the ears of our leadership close to home.


USF is a safe place to live, work, and learn. There are many facets to maintaining a safe campus. The USF Police Department is an accredited law-enforcement agency. All residence halls are card-access only. Emergency "blue light" phones are strategically placed throughout campus so help is only a button-push away. Service desks are located in north and south campus. Our Resident Assistants (RAs) go on nightly rounds of the residential areas, building community and supporting a safe campus environment. One of the most important parts of keeping our campus safe, our residents. Many of our residents come to campus with manners in mind, holding the door open for those behind when entering a building. We educate our residents not to allow anyone inside the residence hall who does not live there. Additionally, we work with campus partners, including USF Police, to host safety-oriented programs inside the residence halls. Learn more about safety and security on campus.

Living Learning Communities

One question we hear often is, "What is a living learning community?" A living learning community, also called an LLC, is focused on a particular academic major, area of interest, or community characteristic. There are many living learning communities at USF, each with a unique focus. An LLC is not a building, rather it is a community within a residence hall made up of residents looking for a shared experience. An LLC may occupy one area of a hall or span multiple floors. Each living learning community is different, and we invite you to explore them all. If you choose to apply for an LLC, remember that you will still need to complete a housing application. Explore Living Learning Communities at USF!