Residential Experience

Safety & Security

An effective residence hall security program depends upon resident cooperation, staff supervision, and University Police assistance. Although the campus security system makes every effort to increase campus safety, the best security system is one in which every member of the community is alert!

Hall Security Keys

Exterior doors of each residence hall are secured 24 hours a day. Upon check-in to a residence hall a student's USF ID card is activated to unlock the exterior door to their assigned hall and issued appropriate keys to their living space.

University Police (UP)

The University Police is full service law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in Hillsborough County. Officers patrol the areas around the residence halls regularly and are readily available to assist on a 24-hour basis. The University Police Department also monitors the emergency blue light phones which are located throughout the campus and residence hall areas. These phones are equipped with automatic location indicators and have instructions for the hearing and speaking impaired. For the latest information, follow them on Facebook.

Resident Assistant/Community managers/weiser security

Resident Assistants (RA) and Community Managers (CM) are on duty in the residence halls every night. In addition to the RA and CM staff, Housing & Residential Education has further invested in the safety and security of our students living on campus within our residence halls by enlisting the services of Weiser Security. Between the hours of midnight and 4:00 a.m., Housing & Residential Education pays for an increase in the number of security officers. These security officers are specifically assigned to the residential areas of campus. One of their main responsibilities is to walk the exterior of every residence hall checking for propped or malfunctioning entrance or exit doors. This is in addition to their standard protocol of providing an added security presence, identify any safety concerns, and responding to crimes and emergencies when called upon.

These security measures and personnel are representative of the University's concern for the protection of residents and their property.

Bicycle Security

Bicycle racks are provided in each residence hall complex for bicycle security. The University Police provides engraving services to make identification easy, should a resident's bike be stolen. Bike registration is also available at no charge from USF Parking Services, or the UP B.A.T. (Bike Anti-Theft) program.

Hurricane Instructions

If a hurricane is approaching the Tampa Bay area, the Housing & Residential Education staff will make every effort to alert residents. Depending on the storm's path and whether the university decides to cancel classes or close, a follow-up decision may be made to close all on-campus housing and evacuate all residents. Read more...

Important Phone Numbers

USF Police Department, Emergency: 911
USF Police Department, Non-Emergency: 813-974-2628
USF Parking & Transportation Services: 813-974-3990
Holly M 24-hour Service Desk: 813-974-7000
Juniper-Poplar 24-hour Service Desk: 813-974-0800
The Village - The Hub 24-hour Service Desk: 813-974-2246