Residence Hall Association

Inside RHA

The Residence Hall Association at the University of South Florida, herein referred to as the RHA, has been established for the purpose of representing and helping student residents address issues and concerns about their welfare at USF. In addition, it also serves to generate and support activities & programs with the goal of uniting all halls as a community and governmental body on campus.

Who We Are

The Residence Hall Association is composed of 13 Hall Councils - each for an area consisting of between 250 and 1,000 residents. Hall Councils organize social activities in its area, and serve the needs of its residents. Each Hall Council consists of a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, 2,3, or 4 Senators depending on size, and a Mayor from the floor of each residence hall in the community. The Hall Councils are elected in the first two weeks of the Fall Semester, and they enter office immediately.

The Governor organizes the work of their community's Hall Council, preside over Hall Council meetings, assists with planning community events and attends Board of Governors meetings with governors from other areas and the RHA President.

The Lieutenant Governor is in charge of Hall Council's budget and advertisement, and replaces the Governor if he/she is unable to perform their duties. The Lt. Governor also assists in planning and executing events within the Hall Council.

The Senators help organize area wide programs with their Hall Council, attend general assembly RHA meetings on Mondays, serve on at least one RHA committee.

The Mayors help their Resident Assistant with programs and bulletin boards, and assist with their hall council's events.

Our Governing Body

Our governing body is composed of 40 senators, representing 5,000 residents and an executive board that consists of the President, Vice President, National Communications Coordinator, Director of Finance, Director of Programming and Director of Public Relations and Records. The executive board is elected in the spring, and enters office the following year.