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USF Appeals Process

Applicants who are denied admission may appeal the decision. An appeal must be in writing and addressed to:

Faculty Committee on Student Admissions
University of South Florida 
4202 E. Fowler Avenue, SVC 1036
Tampa, FL 33620-6900

The letter of appeal must be written by the applicant requesting reconsideration, and include any information regarding extenuating circumstances that may have contributed, (but not limited) to:

  • Previous academic history that led to academic probation or dismissal
  • Declining GPA to deficient grades and excessive repeats, etc.
  • Low standardized test scores (if transferring as lower level transfer applicant)
  • Low completion ratio of attempted to total credits earned

Letters of recommendation from teachers, professors or academic advisors familiar with the applicant's academic history are encouraged. Applicants who wish to appeal a denial based on a disability may submit documentation verifying the disability along with the letter of appeal. Updated transcripts or new test scores should also be included, if applicable.

Please know that very few appeals (<10%) are granted, and the decision of the Faculty Committee is final; therefore, we encourage denied applicants to make alternative plans, including enrolling in one of the 28 colleges in the Florida College System.

The Faculty Committee on Student Admissions typically begins to review appeals for specific terms as follows:

Summer                                   March
Fall                                           April
Spring                                      October

Deadlines for appeals are as follows:

  • Summer Admission - Students must appeal by April 1 or within 2 weeks if denied after March 15

  • Fall Admission - Students must appeal by August 1 or within 2 weeks if denied after July 15

  • Spring Admission - Students must appeal by December 1 or within 2 weeks if denied after November 15