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Event Planning

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What We Do

The events team is a one-stop resource for event planning and coordination for on- and off-campus events. Services include all aspects of the event planning cycle, including determining goals and objectives, selecting dates and locations, catering, budgeting and event promotion.

We partner with CAS departments, centers and institutes to:

  • Provide planning and coordinating
  • Handle all aspects of the planning process from beginning to end
  • Create experiences that reinforce USF’s brand in the community, nationally and internationally for events on and off campus.


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The following resources are available to help you with gathering information prior to submitting your request for event planning.

Event Tiers 

Virtual Event Planning Toolkit 

Basic Event Planning Toolkit 

Conference Planning Toolkit 

Catering Info 

Campus Venue Contacts 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I request help with Events?

  1. The Events team executes requests via an online submission form and follows up via email. You will be receiving an email from CAS Events communicating whether the team can support your request. 

Q. How far in advance should I request help for my event?

  1. The sooner the better, especially for larger gatherings. Recurring events such as department banquets, conferences, and other large events should be requested with a year in advance, approximately. For smaller events, a timeline of six months in advance is ideal. Fluid and open communication on your part ensures that our team can provide the support you need.

Q. What happens if I am not within the timeline suggested, can I still request support for my event?

  1. Yes, you may go ahead and fill out the request form and we will evaluate it based on our workload and the nature of your request.

Q. What happens if I want to plan an event, but I am not sure of what the specific information is to fill out the request form?

  1. Fill out the request form as soon as possible and with as much information as you have. Our team will follow up with further questions and possibly may ask to meet with you to determine those needs and if support can be provided.

Q. What happens if I am planning an event that needs marketing, and/or technology support? Do I fill an individual request for each team’s support?

  1. If requesting event support that will require marketing, and/or technology support, just fill out the Events Request Form detailing the needs in the other areas, so our team can follow up. A request that engages more than one team will be evaluated. We will discuss the request, taking into consideration the teams’ capacity to take on new work and will inform you of an answer within two weeks.

Q. I submitted the request form, when can I expect an answer?

  1. Your request will be evaluated and if it only involves one team’s support, it will be answered in one week. If it requires support from more than one area, it can take up to two weeks for you to receive a response.

Q. Why was my request denied?

  1. Our team tries to support as many requests as possible, but as any other resource, we are limited in our capacity, and therefore unable to take on all requests. This is the case especially if it is received outside of a reasonable time frame. When evaluating our capacity to take on an additional request, not only the specifics of the request are taken into consideration, but our current workload as well. Requests are also denied if the funding source is not clear or if complete funding for the event has not been secured. If your request is denied, we will make every effort to provide you with information on resources that will assist you in planning your event.

Q. If my previous request was denied, can I still get support for other events?

  1. Yes, denial of support for a particular request does not prevent future support. We evaluate each request individually. Rest assured, we are here to help you and we will do our best to support you as much as possible.

Q. What happens if I disagree with the team’s assessment, with whom do I talk?

If you would like to contact us to discuss a denied request, please reach out to the Director of the office.

Q. My event was approved to receive support. What happens next?

  1. The Events team will contact you to set a meeting and discuss the details. You will get a document, the event summary/contract, with all the details discussed such. This document will include deadlines, invitees, as well as everyone’s responsibilities, including yours.

Q. Is the event summary a contract?

  1. It is not binding contract, but for all purposes, it works as such. The event summary details the event information, our responsibilities and that of the client. So, the client should use this document as a resource for all information regarding the event, commitments, and deadlines.

Q. What happens if I want to make changes to the event?

  1. The Events team operates under strict deadlines and work flows. The success of an event is dependent on the ability to meet these deadlines, which in turn depends on information or communication required from the client. Early communicated and feasible changes can be included, but once vendor deadlines are closed (usually two weeks prior to an event) no changes will be permitted.

Q. I don’t have a final budget for the event yet, can I still get support?

  1. No, unfortunately we cannot commit our resources without the certainty of funds. The Event team can provide contact information and some guidelines in order for you to carry out your event, but this support is minimum.

Q. What type of support can I get if my event is not approved?

  1. Our events team is prepared to share vendor information and contact details of venues, catering, transportation, décor, and more.