Office of Communications and Marketing

Marketing and Design

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What We Do

The Marketing team supports a wide range of initiatives, varying in scope, complexity, and execution. We consider ourselves ambassadors of the university and its overarching brand.

Our team focuses on building awareness and increasing support for the college, and USF, as we continue our upward trajectory and work toward becoming an AAU member. We aim to achieve this by supporting the university’s marketing and communications strategy, developing, and promoting college-wide research and achievements, and by collaborating with our partners across all three campuses to raise awareness and engage the supporters and the public we serve.

When we receive a request, we evaluate each to determine the connection to the USF Strategic Plan, marketing goals, and department, unit, or institutional priorities.

Graphic Design

  • Brochures
  • Programs
  • Signage
  • Banners
  • Invites
  • Web Graphics
  • Digital Screen Graphics
  • Promotional Materials

Communications and Content Writing

  • Brand messaging
  • Brochures
  • Programs
  • Advertising
  • Recruitment/Lead-gen
  • Video Scripts
  • Speechwriting
  • Cross-campus Outreach
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Media Outreach (local)

Please keep in mind, the success of a given project is dependent on the partnership between our office and the individual requesting service(s). We kindly ask that submitters be an active participant in this partnership.

It is our mission to make sure your materials are beautifully branded and distinctively USF.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I request help with Marketing?

  1. The Marketing team executes requests via an online submission form and follows up via email. You will be receiving an email from CAS Marketing communicating whether the team can support your request. 

Q. I submitted the request form, when can I expect an answer?

  1. Your request will be evaluated and if it only involves one team’s support, it will be answered in one week. If it requires support from more than one area, it can take up to two weeks for you to receive a response.

Q. If I am only requesting electronic assets, do I still need a budget chartfield?

  1. If you are not printing any assets, you do not need to provide us a payment source. If there is printed collateral or other paid services being requested, we will need a budget line upfront when the request is sent to us.
    HideWhat if I have multiple requested changes?

    The amount of work needed to complete a request includes two to three reviews and rounds of changes by several personnel, including the client. We believe this is the ideal number of revisions in order to complete a project on a timely fashion. We strive to work with the client, but deadlines may be affected and the completion of the project could be compromised, if change requests are not limited.

Q. Can I discuss my suggestions with the graphic designer directly?

  1. No, all changes should be requested through the Marketing Officer in order to be tracked properly. Given the workload of the team, individual requests may be lost if not going through central planning.

Q. If I’m still not satisfied, how can I discuss specific design issues?

  1. If you still feel the need to discuss specific design issues with our team, please contact the Director and request to have a meeting with our team to include the graphic designer.

Q. How do I access the files?

  1. All files will be shared with client through a BOX link or attachments; however, only final files should be used. They are the only approved art work for use in a public or private forum.

Q. Do I send to print or does Marketing coordinate printing on my behalf?

  1. We can send assets to the printer; however, an approved budget line must be on record. If department or unit is paying for the job, graphic designer will be the point of contact with the vendor and/or printer, and the Marketing Officer will forward invoice to the unit.

Q. Will I get help distributing the marketing materials?

  1. Distribution of department-level printed material is up to the department that submitted the request. CAS Marketing can provide department with information as to where posters and fliers can be hung, as well as some other resources that may help them with distributing their print material. Special consideration made be made on a case-by-case basis.

    Digital/Electronic Assets: Depending on the event/project, digital assets may be posted to the CAS social media, website, or otherwise promoted. However, there is no guarantee. All digital assets are also provided to the requesting submitter/client for them to share. If a client is having trouble getting any of their digital assets up on web, they may reach out to CAS Technology.

Q. What happens if my request is denied, how can I get my event/activity to be displayed within the college guidelines?

  1. If your request is denied, our Office will provide reasoning and do our best to provide resources for you and/or your department to create your own assets. If you would like approval on branding/look before sharing your assets on your own, please feel free to reach out to CAS Marketing for approvals. Additionally, our Office will do our best to cross-promote your content on our social channels (when appropriate), if it meets the branding guidelines.

Q. Why was my request denied?

  1. Our team tries to support as many requests as possible, but as any other resource, we are limited in our capacity, and therefore unable to take on all requests. This is the case especially if it is received outside of a reasonable time frame. When evaluating our capacity to take on an additional request, not only the specifics of the request are taken into consideration, but our current workload as well. Requests are also denied if the funding source is not clear or if complete funding for the event has not been secured. If your request is denied, we will make every effort to provide you with information on resources that will assist you in planning your event.

Q. If my previous request was denied, can I still get support for other things?

  1. Yes, denial of support for a particular request does not prevent future support. We evaluate each request individually. Rest assured, we are here to help you and we will do our best to support you as much as possible.

Q. What happens if I disagree with the team’s assessment, with whom do I talk?

  1. If you would like to contact us to discuss a denied request, please reach out to the Director of the office.