Faculty Initiatives


Teachers Anthropology Curriculum Hub

TeACH USF is a free online teaching resource for Florida High School teachers. The content of the modules meet all of the state of Florida education standards. The curriculum is created as part of undergraduate classes at USF so the information is presented using an Anthropological lens.

Project Objectives:

To provide USF students with an in-class applied anthropology service project that engages with community needs by developing a product to be used in Florida high schools.
To provide a usable product that will assist high school teachers in our community by saving them valuable preparation time as they help students to meet the state of Florida education standards.
To benefit high school students by enriching the state curriculum through employing an anthropological approach to the core concepts.
To build a strong partnership between USF Anthropology and Florida high schools as a recruitment tool; especially for identifying students with diverse backgrounds and a strong interest in Anthropology.


Ancient Mesoamerica and South America
Teachers resources for modules are available upon request by emailing Sarah Taylor.

Evaluation of Products:

Please complete this evaluation after having used this material for your class. The evaluation will help us to improve future products so as to better meet your needs.