Social Media Intelligence Lab (SMILe)


About the Lab

Core Research Themes

The Social Media Intelligence Lab (SMILe) brings together leading scholars to harness the potential of social media data.  Integrating macro-scalar breadth micro-scalar specifics, SMILe adopts recursive techniques to integrate big data approaches (data mining and machine learning) and thick-data contextual approaches (netnography and cultural hermeneutics).  Researchers discover useful patterns of social media and provide insights for decision-making for the most pressing world problems including sustainability, democracy, and public health. 
  • Multi-scalar "wicked" problems and their manifestation at global, regional, and local scales
  • Diversity among and between discursive communities and their interlocutors
  • Improving public health of vulnerable populations
  • Sustainable social media culture and policy suggestions
  • Social Media and democracy
  • Ethical use of data and technology
  • Transdisciplinary Co-Mentoring



Director of Cultural Intelligence
Heather O’Leary

Assistant Professor
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Anthropology
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Director of Big Data Intelligence
Loni Hagen

Assistant Professor
Interdisciplinary Sciences, School of Information
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