Endowed Lecture

Endowed Lecture Series


There are many ways to stimulate growth and to attract favorable attention. One method is hiring faculty with exciting cutting-edge research programs, attracting bright, hard-working, stimulating students, obtaining large amounts of state and non-state funding, and this method is certainly a significant approach.

In addition, the seminar program brings in outside speakers, and these speakers can provide stimulation and encourage development. One really effective way of simulating excitement and interest is the creation of an outstanding lectureship series, one that everyone will take advantage of, and one that will encourage interaction with external supporters. And one such exemplary program lasted 14 years. When Dr. Stewart Schneller was Director of Graduate Studies, he initiated an annual lecture series for the Department of Chemistry. In 1983, the program was initiated through the sponsorship of the Research Council, followed by support of the R. P. Scherer Corporation. This program continued for four years and was followed by the Castle Lecture Series. For more information on who gave talks in the Department of Chemistry over the years browse through the links on the left.