Endowed Lecture

R.P. Scherer 50th Anniversary Chemistry Seminar Series

Name Position Lecture Title
Harry Gray, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology "Bioinorganic Electron Transfer Mechanisms"
Barry M. Trost, Ph.D. Vilas Research and Helfaer Professor of Chemistry, Wisconsin "A Pursuit for Selectivity in Organic Synthesis"
William N. Lipscomb, Ph.D.* Abbott and James Lawrence Professor of Chemistry, Harvard "Allosteric Regulation of Enzymes" & "How do Enzymes Work?"
Name Position Lecture Title
Melvin Calvin, Ph.D.* Department of Chemistry, U. California-Berkeley "Photoredox Quantum Conversion" & "Renewable Fuels for the Future"
John A. Pople, Ph.D.** Department of Chemistry, Carnegie-Mellon "Chemistry as a Computational Science"
Leo A. Paquette, Ph.D. Department of Chemistry, The Ohio State University "Ingenane Derivatives–Nature's Tumor Promoters: Synthetic Considerations and Stereochemical Concerns"
Name Position Lecture Title
Herbert C. Brown, Ph.D* Wetherill Research Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Purdue University "Asymmetric Syntheses via Chiral Organoboranes" & "Adventures in Research"
Fred Basolo, Ph.D. Morrison Professor of Chemistry, Northwestern University "Mechanisms of Reactions of Metal Carbonyls Revisited"
Klaus Bieman, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry, MIT "Mass Spectrometric Studies of Biologically Significant Large Molecules"

* indicates Nobel Laureate
** indicates Nobel Laureate after visit