Traditional Research Areas

Organic Chemistry

Faculty Member Office Location Lab Location Description

Bill Baker

BSF 308 BSF 358 N/A

Kirpal Bisht

SCA 403

SCA 434
SCA 438


Jianfeng Cai

NES 408B

NES 405
NES 406
NES 407

Design synthesis and investigation of novel biomaterials

Wayne Guida

SCA 427


Drug discovery using the tools of computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and biochemistry

James Leahy

CHE 205


Discovery of new drug candidates with fully optimized pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters

Wenqi "Vince" Liu

NES 331A

NES 331

Focuses on supramolecular chemistry and molecular materials through organic synthesis

Justin Lopchuk



Focused on the development of new reactions, reagents, and the synthesis of natural products with anti-cancer activity. 

Jeffrey Raker

CHE 203C


Focused on how and what students learn in organic chemistry.

Xiaodong (Michael) Shi

BSF 310


Focused on organic synthesis, material chemistry, bioorganic chemistry and catalysis.

Edward Turos

NES 330B

NES 329
NES 330

Focused on the synthesis and evaluation of new antibacterial and anticancer agents, as well as development of nanoparticle polymers as drug delivery vehicles and biomedical plastics.