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Xiaopeng Li
Assistant Professor
BSF 306 (Lab: BSF 357, 359)

Undergraduate Methods of Instrumental Analysis Laboratory Description

Methods of Instrumental Analysis (Methods I, CHM 4130C) and Methods of Chemical Investigation (Methods II, CHM 4131C) form a two-semester sequence that builds upon methods and techniques introduced in earlier courses and present new techniques with the goal to develop skills necessary for a career in chemistry. Particular emphasis will be placed on developing students' ability to define a problem, organize and perform experiments, evaluate and present the results in a formal laboratory report. Methods and techniques emphasized in the first semester include lab safety methods, sample preparation and separation methods, Raman spectroscopy, NMR methods, spectroscopic and mass spectrometric methods. The first semester syllabus is designed to prepare students for a research project to be performed during 2nd semester under the supervision of chemistry faculty member/affiliate.

Methods lab

Chemistry Methods Teaching Laboratory.