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Faculty Contact

Solomon Weldegirma
Instructor, Organic Chemistry Lab Coordinator
BSF 316


This laboratory course (Organic I and II) conveys the important fundamental Organic Chemistry concepts and techniques, introduces state-of-the-art strategies and methods and provides a safer learning environment. The laboratory experiments highlight the important chemical concepts and techniques that are traditionally taught while introducing new green chemical concepts and recently developed experimental techniques. Students will apply the learned techniques to new problems with a focus on synthetic perspective using fundamental named organic reactions applied to the transformation of one material into another.

Students will be introduced with green organic experiments which will make the lab experience safer and produce less costly waste. The curriculum is designed to minimize production of chemical waste and provides a safer working environment (nearly eliminating the need for expensive fume hoods). At the end of the course, students are expected to know the fundamental techniques of organic chemistry including methods of isolation, purification, and structural identification with applications to synthetic and mechanistic problems. As the course will focus on fundamental reactions and techniques applicable to various fields of organic chemistry, students will be familiarized with the basic principles and techniques of organic chemistry.

Organic lab 1

Organic Teaching Laboratory (ISA)

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Organic Teaching Laboratory (NES)