M.S. in Geology

The Geology program seeks to facilitate student success through the delivery of high quality, skills-based geology courses. As a discipline, geology incorporates the fundamentals of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics to investigate the Earth and the processes that affect and shape our planet. This degree offers advanced geoscience education and training suitable for joining professional workforce and/or as the foundation for pursuing a Ph.D. 

Our program offers both thesis and professional tracks. The thesis track allows students to propose, develop, execute, and publish a research project under the supervision of a professor. The professional track offers opportunities to further hone practical skills through a personalized internship. The thesis track is ideal for students interested in future doctoral studies or research more generally, while the professional track is geared toward students seeking careers with government, industry, private corporations, education, and NGOs.

Thesis Track Masters

The thesis track Masters is ideal for students who want to build their research skills before pursuing a doctoral degree or a research-based career. Students will design their specific curriculum in consultation with their major professor and advisory committee, resulting in a degree tailored to their own specific research interests.

Professional Geoscience Masters

The PGSM track is designed to offer graduate students a “real world” professional experience to prepare for a career in the professional geosciences. Students in the PGSM track will complete a Professional Internship Research project under the guidance of a member of the geology graduate faculty or a state-licensed Professional Geologist (PG). Students will work with the Internship Coordinator to select a focus in either Hydrogeology, Coastal Geology, Environmental Geochemistry, Environmental Geophysics, or Computational Geophysics and to identify a project topic.