Ph.D. in Geography, Environmental Science & Policy

The Ph.D. degree in Geography and Environmental Science and Policy (GEP) is an interdisciplinary program, and its curriculum is designed around critical areas of geography and the environment. The GEP Program is designed to integrate fully the strengths of the Geography, Geographic Information Systems & Science (GIS), and the Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) Programs in the School of Geosciences (SGS) at the USF. Emphasis is placed on providing theoretical rigor and methodological skills, thereby enabling students to make significant and original research and policy contributions in an integrated interdisciplinary environment. In addition, the degree has a very strong applied component emphasizing working on solutions to real-world geographical and environmental problems. Through a commitment to quality interdisciplinary teaching, combined with research and hands-on learning opportunities, the GEP Doctoral Program in the SGS is dedicated to ensuring that students are well prepared for careers in academics, industry, government, NGOs, and the private sector.