Tampa campus Advising Appointments

Your advisor is still providing virtual appointments using Microsoft Teams.

As we are in the midst of a strange and uncertain time, our current goal is to advise our active USF students on their upcoming registration.

If you are a prospective student or a student who has been admitted to USF in the Spring, I kindly ask that you email our office for any questions or concerns you have, instead of scheduling an appointment at this time.

How will virtual 30-Minute appointments work

Please schedule your appointment via Archivum as usual. The only option for an appointment at this time is a virtual appointment.

Once you have scheduled your appointment, you will receive an email with the information required to log-in to your virtual, Microsoft Teams appointment. Please note, this email will not arrive immediately.

At the time of your appointment, please video or phone call into the Microsoft Teams meeting, as outlined in the email, to begin talking with an advisor. If you have any trouble with this process, you can email GeoAdvise@usf.edu.

How will virtual Drop-In appointments work

  • In order to sign-up for a Drop-In, please log-in to the USF Archivum system and select "Get in line for a Drop-In Appointment" on the Appointment Scheduling page.
  • The Drop-In list will open 15 minutes prior to the start of Drop-Ins
  • You will receive an email stating that you are in line for a drop-in appointment.
  • All drop-in appointments occur remotely in Microsoft Teams.
  • Students who sign up for a slot will be taken in order and be asked to join the drop-in meeting in Teams when it is their turn in the drop-in queue. Please be logged into your Teams account so you can answer the video call from the Geosciences Advisor.
  • Finally, once all the possible drop-in advising slots are full, the Archivum system will stop accepting any additional students. This may occur at any point during the drop-in timeframe depending on the number of students who sign-up.
  • Note – The following cannot be completed in a drop-in appointment
    • Double major/concurrent degrees
    • Long term planning
    • ROTC Forms

Please keep the following in mind for all appointments

The Teams link you receive will prompt you to join the meeting by downloading the Microsoft Teams Desktop app, or by joining on the web instead. Either one of these options will connect you to your advisor. Therefore, you are not required to download the Teams app.

You can also choose to call in with your mobile device using the toll-free number provided. Once you call the number, you will be prompted to enter the conference ID, followed by the # sign. This will connect you to your advisor for an audio conference.

Please be patient: If you log-in and your advisor has not yet joined, they may be wrapping up the previous appointment.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!