ESP Internship Program

ESP Internship, Project, and Senior Seminar


A critical component of the ESP curriculum is the senior internship/project course and seminar course. ESP students are required to complete an internship with a companion course (EVR 4940 - 3 credits) or a project with a companion course (EVR 4910 - 3 credits) during their senior year. ESP students are also required to take EVR 4921 - ESP Seminar, a 1-credit job search and prep course, in the final semester.

EVR 4940, EVR 4910, and EVR 4921 are all primarily online with several arranged meetings with the instructor throughout the semester. The internship/project and associated coursework allows the students to gain experience while receiving guidance from their professor and on-site supervisor. The internship/project is also a great opportunity to build skills, explore career interests and gain references.

Several workshops will be conducted each semester to provide students with current information about the internship, project, and seminar programs. Please contact GeoAdvise@usf.edu for upcoming workshop dates.