Why choose Geology as a course of study?

Geology is the study of the Earth and its materials, including minerals, rocks, soil, and water.  Our Geology program focuses on hands-on learning of the geosciences, with extensive opportunities to develop laboratory, computational, and field skills.  We offer both B.S. and B.A. degrees, with the B.S. the most popular major for geology students, as well as a minor.   All majors and minors prepare students for both graduate school and immediate entry into the workforce.    

Geology B.S.

The Geology major (B.S) provides the students with a hands-on foundation in the fundamentals of geosciences. Students take courses in applied geophysics, coastal geology, geochemistry, geocomputation, geomorphology, geoscience education, hydrogeology, paleobiology, petrology, seismology, and volcanology. However, the wide variety of courses and electives offered by the Geology, Environmental Sciences, and Geography programs within the School of Geosciences provides students with programs of study that can be tailored to fit individual needs while maintaining a sound background in all general aspects of geology.  The B.S. culminates in a 6-credit field camp experience.  The B.S. is ideal for students who want to pursue graduate education or careers that require lab, field, or computational skills.

Geology B.A.

The B.A. in Geology program is designed primarily for liberal arts students who have interests in careers in Geoscience education or environmental policy and law. The B.A. is a more flexible program of study than the B.S., but students who wish to pursue further graduate study should incorporate multiple field courses into their program of study.   The B.A. does not require 6-credits of field camp, but those courses are encouraged.

Geology Minor

The Geology minor provides students with foundational courses in the geosciences.  Students complete introductory coursework in geology and then select elective courses covering hydrology, paleontology, minerology, and more.  The minor is ideal for students who want to complement their major with a geology background.