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Academic Catalogue

                                       Spring 2021 Structured Courses
Course Number Name Credit Instructor of Record USF campus
BSC6930  Lectures in Contemporary Biology  Dr. S. Deban Online
BSC6932    Field Botany Dr. L. Prevost  Tampa
BSC6932  Restoration Ecology Dr. S. Bell  Tampa
BSC6932  Organic Evolution  3 Dr. J. Parkinson  Tampa
PCB6455  Statistical Ecology  Dr. E. McCoy Tampa
Biometry 4

Dr. D. Kramer





Biodiversity 3

Dr. M. Riedinger-Whitmore/Dr. H. Judkins

St. Petersburg


ST: Quantitative Analytical Methods 3

Dr. A. Gainsbury

St. Petersburg


ST: Microbiological Research 3

Dr. M. Shamblott 

St. Petersburg


ST: Internship in Conservation  3

Dr. S. Doody 

St. Petersburg


Adv. in Quantitative Ecology 1 Dr. D. Kramer Tampa
BSC6932  Adv. In Marine Biology 1 Dr. B. Gemmell Tampa
BSC6932  Adv. In Applied Microbiology 1 Dr. V. Harwood Tampa
BSC6932  Adv. In Benthic Ecology 1 Dr. S. Bell Tampa
BSC6932  Adv. In Physiology 1 Dr. S. Deban Tampa
BSC6932   Adv In Micro Ecology  1 Dr. KT. Scott Tampa
BSC6932  Adv. Biology Ed. Research  1 Dr. L. Prevost Tampa
BSC6932   Adv. In Biogeochemistry  Dr. D. Lewis Tampa
BSC6932  Adv. Eco Research Synthesis  1 Dr. M. Lajeunesse Tampa
BSC6932  Adv. In Herpetology  1 Dr. E. McCoy Tampa
BSC6932  Adv. In Eco Genomics  1 Dr. C. Richards Tampa
BSC6932  Advances In Plant & Microbial Ecology  1 Dr. C. Zalamea Tampa

Advances In Marine Genomics 1  Dr. J. Parkinson Tampa
                                   Spring 2021 Non Structured Courses
Course Number Course Name  Credits Instructor of Record campus
BSC6905  Directed Individual Study: MS/PhD only  1-19   Tampa 
BSC6910  Directed Research: Ms Only: Advisor, No Committee  1-19   Tampa and St. Petersburg
BSC6935  Graduate Seminar in Biology: MS only, presentation of thesis for graduation 1-19   Tampa and St. Petersburg
BSC6971   Thesis: MS only, committee established  1-19   Tampa and St. Petersburg
BSC7910  Directed Research: PhD only, have not advanced to candidacy  1-19   Tampa 
BSC7936  Doctoral Seminar: (1 Cr.) Phd Only   1-19   Tampa 
BSC7980  Dissertation Doctoral: PhD only, have advanced to candidacy  1-19   Tampa