Electron Microscopy Core Facility

electron microscope images

Location: Tampa campus

The Electron Microscopy Core Lab is located in the Interdisciplinary Sciences building, ISA 1046. This full-service lab offers training to faculty and students as well as providing professional microscopy services.

This lab is equipped with an FEI Morgagni TEM with a 1.4 MPixel sidemount camera and a 16.7 MPixel bottom mount camera. The ultra-high resolution bottom camera provides some of the highest resolution images of any TEM camera on the market today, giving breathtaking electron micrographs of biological and material science samples. The microscope is capable of subnanometer imaging and magnification of almost 1.5 million X.

We also have a Topcon Aquila hybrid SEM, which features a 30x to 50,000x magnification range, a color 30x navigation camera and a motorized X-Y-Z stage. It is ideally suited for Core lab operation. Most users are comfortable operating the instrument after only a half hour of training. Sample preparation time for the instrument can be as short as 10 minutes, and, again, the instrument is capable of producing phenomenal images. The lab also has several optical microscopes, an ultramicrotome and sample coating equipment.