Featured Publications


New Review Publication by Jeannie Mounger in the Richards Lab.

'Epigenetics and the success of invasive plants'. Jeannie Mounger, Malika L. Ainouche, Oliver Bossdorf, Armand Cavé-Radet, Bo Li, Madalin Parepa, Armel Salmon, Ji Yang and Christina L. Richards

This review paper is now published at Philosphical Transactions of the Royal Society B as part of an excellent collection of papers in a Theme issue: ‘How does epigenetics influence the course of evolution?’ compiled and edited by Alyson Ashe, Vincent Colot and Ben Oldroyd.

With this paper, Jeannie helped to pull together a global collection of co-authors, with a wide range of expertise. These colleagues are all participating in our MOPGA project on the "Genomics and epigenomics of invasive species" funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) of Germany.

Tack publication

New publication by Nils Tack. Nils' research in the Gemmell lab investigates Anguilliform Locomotion across a Natural Range of Swimming Speeds



Research by Dr Brad Gemmell (Tampa campus) on how Jellyfish swim has been featured in New York Times, check out the podcast/radio interview with an international broadcast based in Canada, soon to be featured on the Discovery Channel !


New publication by Dr Sridhar in BMC-Cancer. 'Gene expression analysis of human prostate cell lines with and without tumor metastasis suppressor CD82

Research by Dr Sean Doody (St. Petersburg campus) is featured in an article in Science News about how other inhabitants of the monitor lizard’s habitat in Australia use its burrows. The invasive cane toad is depleting monitor lizard populations, and concern is rising that the toad invasion could affect other animals that use the lizard burrows.

lizard burrow

Sridhar Lab Fearured in USF News Article.
Prostate Cancer: The Second Leading Cause of Cancer Death in Men

Dinosaur feather study debunked in new analysis by Ryan Carney (USF, NY Times, National Geographic).

"Evidence corroborates identity of isolated fossil feather as a wing covert of Archaeopteryx" Scientific Reports, 2020. Ryan M. Carney, Helmut Tischlinger & Matthew D. Shawkey

ryan c


USF Article on Cane Toad Research by Sean Doody

Publication by Pierce Lab

'The complete disappearance of a long standing sacoglossan sea slug population following Hurricane Irma, despite recovery of the local algal community'
Symbiosis 2020. M. L. Middlebrooks & N. E. Curtis & S. K. Pierce

Pierce article picture 2020

Publication by Parkinson Lab

'Molecular tools for coral reef restoration: Beyond biomarker discovery'
Conservation Letters, 2020. John Everett Parkinson, Andrew C. Baker, Iliana B. Baums, Sarah W. Davies, Andréa G. Grottoli, Sheila A. Kitchen, Mikhail V. Matz, Margaret W. Miller, Andrew A. Shantz, Carly D. Kenkel

parkinson cover picture