Course Offerings

You may find a list of graduate courses offered by the Department of Mathematics & Statistics in the USF course inventory or the Graduate Catalog. The schedule search can be used to find the current and upcoming schedule of courses. For your convenience when planning your degree, we have collected direct links to these courses, along with anticipated terms of offering below. 

Mathematics Graduate Courses

MAA 5306 Introduction to Real Analysis spring each year
MAA 5307 Real Analysis I fall each year
MAA 6616 Real Analysis II spring each year
MAA 5405 Applied Complex Variables spring even years
MAA 6406 Complex Analysis I fall each year
MAA 6407

Complex Analysis II


each year
MAA 6506 Functional Analysis I fall odd years
MAA 6507 Functional Analysis II spring even years
MAD 6305 Graph Theory I fall even years
MAD 6308 Graph Theory II spring odd years
MAD 6206 Combinatorics I fall  odd years
MAD 6207 Combinatorics II spring even years
MAD 6510 Algorithms in Discrete Structures spring even years
MAD 6616 Algebraic Automata Theory spring odd years
MAD 6617 Abstract Structures fall odd years
MAE 5177 Teaching College Mathematics spring each year
MAP 5316 Ordinary Differential Equations I fall odd years
MAP 5317 Ordinary Differential Equations II spring even years
MAP 5345 Applied Partial Differential Equations spring odd years
MAP 6356 Partial Differential Equations fall odd years
MAP 5407 Methods of Applied Mathematics fall even years
MAP 6312 Dynamical Systems I fall even years
MAP 6319 Dynamical Systems II spring odd years
MAP 6205 Control Theory and Optimization spring even years
MAP 6418 Harmonic Analysis fall even years
MAP 6426 Special Functions    
MAS 5145 Advanced Linear Algebra fall each year
MAS 5215 Number Theory    
MAS 5311 Algebra I fall each year
MAS 6312 Algebra II spring each year
MAS 6325 Applied Algebra fall each year
MAS 6220 Algebraic Number Theory spring each year
MAT 5710 Scientific Computation and Writing fall each year
MTG 6256 Differential Geometry    
MTG 6257 Differential Geometry II    
MTG 5316 Topology I fall each year
MTG 6317 Topology II spring each year
MAD 5474

Applied Cryptography
(only for cybersecurity graduate programs)


each year

Statistics Graduate Courses

STA 5166 Statistical Methods I fall each year
STA 6167 Statistical Methods II spring each year
STA 5326 Mathematical Statistics I fall each year
MAT 5932 Mathematical Statistics II spring each year
STA 5446 Probability Theory I fall each year
STA 6447 Probability Theory II spring each year
STA 5526 Non-Parametric Statistics spring each year
STA 6206 Stochastic Processes spring even years
STA 6208 Linear Statistical Models fall each year
STA 6746 Multivariate Analysis fall each year
STA 6876 Time Series Analysis fall each year
STA 6205 Design of Experiments spring even years
STA 5676 Reliability Data Analysis spring odd years
STA 6703 Statistical Learning Theory and Applications spring odd years

Common Variable Graduate Courses

MAT 5932 Selected Topics
MAT 6932 Selected Topics
MAT 6908 Independent Study (♦)
MAT 6911 Directed Research (♦)
MAT 6939 Graduate Seminar (♦)
MAT 6971 Thesis: Master’s (♦)
MAT 7912 Directed Research (♦)
MAT 7980 Dissertation: Doctoral (♦)

(♦) Visit our Forms page to download the course permit form required for registration.