Prospective Students

Over 30 research faculty help students achieve their goals in diverse areas, including algebra & number theory, applied statistics, approximation theory, biomathematics, complex & harmonic analysis, cybersecurity, data science, differential equations, graph theory & combinatorics, low-dimensional topology, mathematics education, mathematical physics, operator theory, probability, statistical learning, stochastic processes & modelling.

We award approximately 50 teaching and research assistantships to students in our program. Assistantships provide competitive stipends, tuition waivers, and employer-sponsored health insurance.

Apply Now

Applicants must apply online via the VZcollege system:

THE DEPARTMENTAL APPLICATION IS ALSO REQUIRED.  Download, complete, and upload to the VZcollege system (under “MY WORKSPACE”, then “MY DOCUMENTS”) the following departmental forms:

International students, must submit official passing English speaking scores. Please see Office of Graduate Studies, University Admissions Criteria and Policies. Langauage Requirements for a Teaching Assistantship are stricter than for admissions.

  • You will provide the names and e-mail address of the authors of your letters of recommendation. The VZcollege system will send instructions for uploading letters to the recommenders with your request.
  • USF transcripts are not required from former USF degree-seeking students. All transcripts must be in English or accompanied by a certified translation.
  • Admission decisions can be made on unofficial documents. To satisfy deadline requirements, applicants should upload copies of all transcripts and GRE and/or English test scores with their application. However, students who are offered admission to USF will be required to submit official transcripts and test scores to the Office of Admissions (address below). Failure to do so may result in registration holds if official documents are not received in a timely fashion.

If you experience problems with the VZCollege system, you may contact the Office of Admissions at 813-974-3350 or (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EDT)).

The Office of Admissions prefers that all documents be uploaded through the online application. However, documents such as official transcripts should be sent to the Office of Admissions at

University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Avenue, SVC 1036
Tampa, FL 33620-6900

For reporting GRE and/or English test scores, the institution code for USF is 5828.

Admissions Requirements

Please scroll to the Admission Information section in the corresponding catalog below:

Evaluation of Applications

Applications will be evaluated based on the following 5 elements:

  1. Potential for original research work
    Evidence can be presented by
    • preprints of publications
    • Honors or Master's theses
    • specific information included in the letters of recommendation and the statement of purpose.
  2. Letters of recommendation
    3 RECOMMENDATION LETTERS ARE REQUIRED FROM QUALIFIED RECOMMENDERS; at least two (2) of the recommenders should be College or University-level Mathematics/Statistics Professors, who either taught the applicant in advanced mathematical/Statisticsl coursework (beyond the calculus sequence), or who supervised the applicant on a research project of a mathematical nature. Letters should be substantial, and should address mathematical abilities and potential for success in the field of interest.
  3. Grades in relevant coursework
    Particular emphasis is placed on courses which provide both a crucial body of knowledge and the opportunity to develop mathematical maturity. However, the applicant's record as a whole will be considered. We pay particular attention to the following courses or their analogs at other institutions:
  4. Standardized test scores
  5. Statement of purpose and evidence of prior accomplishments
    The statement of purpose provides the opportunity for the applicant to identify the areas of mathematics (and related faculty) in which they would be interested to focus their graduate research activity, as well as any prior achievements relevant for the admissions committee review.

Aspiring statisticians are advised to study as much mathematics as possible during their undergraduate years. Some interdisciplinary experience in natural sciences, engineering, economics, or psychology is also highly desirable. Students who do not have at least three semesters of successful coursework in calculus will be required to complete additional courses in mathematics before being admitted. Prior coursework in advanced calculus and in statistics is preferable, but not mandatory.

Teaching Assistantships

Each year the Department of Mathematics and Statistics awards, on a competitive basis, approximately 50 teaching assistantships (TAships) to selected current or newly-admitted graduate students. Students holding an assistantship perform instructional duties for an average of 20 hours per week. The assistantship provides the student with a competitive stipend, a tuition waiver, and the employer's health insurance contribution. Students holding TAships are required to be enrolled in 9 credit hours each semester (Fall/Spring) and to be in good academic standing. Summer funding may also be available.

Applicants to the program should submit the departmental Application form for Graduate Teaching Assistantship with their application. Current students who wish to become TAs should submit this form to the Graduate Coordinator. Students who have previously submitted this form need only express their continuing interest in support as the form remains on file.

Students who meet the application deadlines are given priority.

Research assistantships for summer research activities are available from professors who hold grants that provide for such funding. Recipients of the funding will be determined by the grant-holding professor.

Campus Visits

Students interested in our Ph.D. program are welcome to visit our campus to learn more about the Program. Interested students should contact the Graduate Coordinator for details. 

We are tentatively planning to host an open house early in the spring semester.