Student Organizations

AMS Student Chapter

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) USF Graduate Student Chapter focuses on the furtherance of the interests of mathematical scholarship and research. The purpose of this chapter is to establish and strengthen the community of students interested in mathematics.

While we specifically encourage graduate students in the mathematics and statistics department at USF to join and participate in our activities, we welcome students (graduate and undergraduate alike) interested in mathematics to join us as well. Membership is free as is participation in chapter activities.

Our activities include:

  • Lecture series: based on student interest, we conduct series of lectures on specific topics to introduce the community into areas of research not offered in formal courses. These presentations are given by faculty members, invited speakers, and/or graduate students.
  • Workshops: we invite faculty members and fellow graduate students to educate members on skills related to participation in academic research, such as writing articles, preparing grant proposals and giving oral presentations.
  • Student driven seminars: these meetings provide students with the opportunity to present and discuss current research topics.

For more information, please visit our website.

ASA Student Chapter

The American Statistical Association University of South Florida Student Chapter (ASAUSF) is a student-run organization for both graduate and undergraduate students interested in the study of statistics in the broadest sense. The purpose of ASAUSF according to the American Statistical Association (ASA) is “to provide opportunities for students to connect with other students interested in statistics and interact with prominent statisticians locally and at national meetings.

The goals of the organizations are to:

  • Encourages students to continue studying statistics and provides career information in the statistical sciences”.
  • Organize, promote, and conduct activities beneficial to the students interested in statistics.
  • Disseminate information of interest to current and potential USF students interested in statistics.
  • The organization is affiliated with the American Statistical Association (ASA)

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