Mark Pezzo

Mark Pezzo

Associate Professor


Office: DAV 113
Phone: 727/873-4020


Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Pezzo studies biases in human judgment and is an expert in the hindsight bias. Before coming to USF he taught at Wake Forest University, and UNC Greensboro. During his time at USF, Dr. Pezzo has served as Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences (St. Petersburg), as well as Department Chair and Graduate Director for the Department of Psychology (St. Petersburg). He has received multiple awards for his teaching. Outside of academia, Dr. Pezzo plays the upright bass in Dean Johanesen & The 24 Hour Men, a gypsy/swing jazz trio that performs around the state.


  • B.S.   1987   Special Studies, Psychoacoustics (Magna Cum Laude), S.U.N.Y., Fredonia, N. Y.
  • M.S.   1991   Experimental Psychology (Social/Cognition), Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.
  • Ph.D. 1996   Experimental Psychology (Social/Cognition), Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.


Psychological Statistics, Social Psychology, Judgment & Decision Making


My research focuses on judgmental biases, with a focus on the competing influences of motivational and cognitive processes in a number of areas, including hindsight bias, planning fallacy, perceptions of offensiveness, and the spread of rumors. My most recent work has centered on medical decision making and algorithm aversion.


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